hey I’m


Hey, I’m so happy you’ve landed on this page; if you’re a little bit curious about the smiling face behind the camera, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a 20-something Northern gal living my happiest life, enjoying everything I can for as long as I can, because life is all about enjoying the little moments, right?

I’m a little bit (a lot) of a hopeless romantic. It’s true; I’m completely in love with love, in all forms, with all people.

I’m travel obsessed and have been to quite a few places but not quite everywhere; but everywhere is on my list. If I have any spare time I’ll be looking for a spontaneous flight somewhere to have a day, or a weekend, exploring a new place. If I go to a coffee shop, I’ll order a hot chocolate and I personally believe it’s never too early for a slice of cake or a glass of gin. I sing way too loud and out of tune, I almost always wear flip flops when I’m not working and can be seen wearing fluffy socks and snuggled in a large blanket when working on wedding galleries at home.

I’ve been told that I smile a whole lot and laugh too much, but I’m happy with that.

“I’m in love. we can’t stop looking at them. we’ve got happy tears and we can’t thank you enough. from the bottom of our hearts; thank you.” – Laura & james

a little about


I’m a 20-something northern gal living in sunny Manchester. I love to laugh and I don’t take myself too seriously. 

Gin & lemonade is my beverage of choice (I liked it before it was trendy!), I love binge re-watching Friends and Parks & Rec for the hundredth time, and I’ll occasionally quote The Office because Dwight is everything. 

I’m really into interior design, I love collecting plants and I’m very fond of a good gif. I’m a bit emotional and will cry and nearly everything – songs, movies/tv shows, tv adverts (yep, that’s right), and anything somewhat cute or heart warming. 

Sometimes when I laugh really hard (you know the ones!) I do a little high pitched wheeze and a bit of silent laughing that nearly always makes me laugh even more. 

fun facts

– I love Disney movies.

– Fairy lights are one of my fave!

– I’m hooked on board games.

– I love learning about space and looking at the moon.

– I voulenteer for Make a Wish as a Wish Visitor.

– I’m a little bit addicted to scented candles.

– I like to make handmade soap!

– I can play the accordian and I’m learning the piano.

favourite things

– Choclate ice cream

– Hot chocolates

– Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

– Bridget Jones’ Diary (don’t judge me!)

– Fresh flowers

– Travelling & finding secret spots

– Long drives

– Ocean air & sandy beaches 



modern // romantic // fun // colourful // timeless // joyful // raw // imtimate // fall on the floor laughing // happy tears // tipsy dancing // little details // relaxed // about the moment // adventerous // alternative // authentic // all about you // your rules, your way // making you look hot a.f //

So, that’s me. I’m a bit quirky and different, I work hard and laugh even harder. I’m so lucky that I get to work with such amazing couples who love to have fun and do things their own way, regardless of tradition or expectation, but who are unapologetically themselves.

So, thanks for reading this; whether you’ve read the whole thing or glanced at the pictures of my face then left: thanks for looking to see who I am!

If you wanna keep reading, you can jump on over to my blog or have a glace at my FAQ.

But, if you wanna have a chat about your wedding plans just pop me a message!