As a Manchester wedding photographer, I love unusual and fun Manchester wedding venues; they’re unique, add so much personality and add a little something extra to weddings. A lot of my couples love fun wedding venues because they’re different to traditional venues in a sense that they’re not always super ‘weddingy’ and are more customisable. Quirky Manchester wedding venues aren’t for everyone, but I’m a big believer that your wedding should refelct your personality, so find that fun Manchester wedding venue that feels right and add more YOU into your wedding.

There are so so many wedding venues in Manchester, probably even hundreds. It’s so amazing that you don’t have to settle for boring or traditional wedding venues anymore – Manchester is full to the brim of quirky and unusual barns, halls, hotels, conversions and fun wedding venues. Quirky, unusual and alternative wedding venues in Manchester that showcase your personality and add a little extra you and a little extra wow to your wedding. Fun and alernative Manchester wedding venues that’s as far away from tradition as you can get and are far from ordinary.

So, here’s my list of my favourite fun and quirky wedding venues in Manchester; places that are unique and interesting. Fun Manchester wedding venues that wow you with an epic backdrop, ceremony or evening celebrations. From Victoria swimming pools and converted mills, to music concert spaces, pubs and libraries – there’s no way you won’t want to go check out the very best in cool alternative Manchester venues right here.

Before booking your wedding venue, make sure to check the Manchester.gov website to find all of the places in Manchester that can legally host wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships. Alternativley, you can choose to have a mini legal ceremony a day or two before your wedding day and have a fabulous celebrant lead wedding instead!

I’ve photographed many North West weddings (and further afield too!) over the past few years, and after every one I find myself mesmerised by the fun and wonderful things that makes each wedding unique and different. I’m so happy that I get to photograph happy smiling faces every weekend at fun as hell weddings with (the bestest) chill couples. I live in Manchester and I’m slap bang in the centre of the North West and I’ve been so some fabulously fun and quirky wedding venues in other parts too, so make sure you check out my top hits for Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Lake District too!

If you’re planning an un-weddingy wedding, or wanting have a unique and fun wedding that’ll feel really personal, maybe a bit smaller or different, a bit more customisable, or just something you’ve not seen too much of before, here’s my list…


There’s something extra special about Victoria Baths as a wedding venue. Who wouldn’t want to get married in a quirky vistorian swimming pool?! It has beautiful original windows which gives amazing light, the tiles and the teal changing cubicles are just amazing! Victoria Baths is such a fun venue for a wedding – it’s quirky, it’s vintage, it’s full of history and unique detailing. It’s so amazing that you actually get married in a vintage Victorian swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful mezzine. You can choose if your guests sit in the pool with you or watch from the balcony. There’s plenty of space to add your own unique styling to the venue and make it completley your own. Victoria Baths as a wedding venue is such a beautiful and quirky space, complete with the original art deco green tiles, red brick artitecture and signage to remind you that the pool you can tie the knot in is six feet deep!


The Manchester Art Gallery is an architectual landmark in Manchester city centre. It’s a perfect wedding venue for quirky art-loving couples – you can get married the artwork and decorate the space as you’d like. The gallery has a really cool vibe and there’s so many fun photo oppurtunities amongst the art and outside in the streets of Manchester. The Manchester Art Gallery has a great combination of Victorian and contemporary style to create an amazing space to have your wedding. With the awesome glass atrium for your reception aswell, there’s so mcuh great light and the venue as a backdrop with create magic. It’s an art lovers dream and deinitley a wedding venue you should check out if you want something thats both different and beautiful.


Hope Mill Theatre is a really unique wedding venue because it’s a Grade II listed industrial mill in Ancoats, Manchester. It has a real Mancunian charm to the building with exposed bricks, beams and the iconic front doorway, which is ace for pictures. Hope Mill Theatre let’s you decorate the spacehowever you’d like so it’s perfect for couples who want to add their own fun decorting twist. The venue is full of character and has so much space for you to use, whether you fancy filling it with lots of guests to dance the night away, or bringing in some awesome wedding vendors to add a little spice to your day.



Where to start?! This one is for the fun couples with a love for the quirky, unique and different. The Manchester Museum is such an awesome venue to get married, with so many unique and interesting elements to really wow your guests and have an epic wedding day. The actal building itself is really interesting, with stained glass windows and fabulous architecture, but the exhibits are are something else and makes the Manchester Museum really stand out as a fun and quirky Manchester wedding venue. If you’re a fan of Dinosaurs you’re going to love the huge T-Rex! You can say your vows infront of the giant skeleton and it’s so unique that it’s hard to imagine anything more different than that! As well as the T-Rex, there’s the lovely outdoor space, more traditional museum elements and of course, the epic stairway adorned with paper birds and cranes. The venis also really close to the city center if you’re wating to pop to the city for a urban twist. This venue is a great mix of modern quirkiness and architecture that really creates a memorable and fun wedding day. 


Albert Hall is an epic wedding venue if you’re looking for something a little more on the quirky side. Albet Hall is a converted church, but is now primarily a live music venue which hosts an array of concerts and events. It’s such an amazing space because it still has the raw red brick and huge stained windows on every wall which gives so much natural light and gives such an awesome vibe! Albert Hall as a wedding venue is amazing because you can either get married on the stage or in the mezzine. Adorned with fairy lights and a fantastic blank slate to decorate however you wish, Albert Hall is most definitley one of my favourite fun and quirky Manchester wedding venues! See a recent wedding at Albert Hall Manchester here!


Victoria Warehouse is a great undustrial wedding venue in Manchester; it’s a huge converted coton warehouse, The space is used for live music and gigs and has great indoor space to make your own. It’s a quick walk into Manchester if you want to add some Manchester urban style into your images too. Victoria Warehouse has a really interesting moody interior and lots fo great textures and spots inside for pictures. With the addition of lots of fairy lights, the spac looks so magical. It’s definitley a fun and unusual Mancheter wedding venue with the old cotton sheds, exposed brick and the well known entrance steel doors.


FiveFour Studios is a fabulous blank canvas for your wedding. It’s super clean, crisp and chic and has so much scope to decorate and style it to your Pinterest wedding dreams! The studios are a complete blank canvas and can be styled into anything you can dream up, from disco balls and dried flowers to garlands, fairy lights and greenery. There’s plenty of space to have your ceremony and celebrations in this fun Manchester wedding venue and if you like a bit of DIY or a beautifully styled wedding, this beautiful venue could be for you. 


11 Didsbury Park is a beautifully relaxed Eclectic Hotels wedding venue,  located just behind the beautiful Didsbury Park. The vibe of this fun wedding venue is all about the feel of a relaxed house party as you have the entire space as your own. Eleven Didsbury Park has such beautiful surroundings with all of the greenery and with such close proximit to the park, has the option f pictures in both the epic Victorian Villa style house or in the botanical gardens across the way. The venue space lends itself to cool couples who want a more intimate feel to their wedding, even though it has the spaveif you want a larger wedding too. With the original Victorian features and a beautful outdoor space, it’s a fabuous Manchster wedding venue for fun couples who want a relaxed and happy wedding day.


Chethams Library is such a magical wedding venue! It honestly feels like something from a book and has a very magical/Harry Potter esque vibe to it. A Harry Potter wedding is not something for everyone, but if you love then venue you could definitly put your own spin on it! You of course don’t need to have a themed wedding to get arried here though, the space itse’f rings the wow factor and can be decorted to the max or kept simple. Chethams Library is the oldest public library in the English-speakng world, and you have to admit that’s pretty epic. The venue has such a great feeling about it and with the rows of books, brick walls and historic feel, it’s a great option for a creative and cool couple!


Whitworth Art Gallery is one for all of the art lovers. You can get married amongst the the art and say your vows among paintings by Lowry and Valette which is a super chic, fun setting. The venue is unique and mordern with fantastic space and beautiful light. There’s both the outoor gardens bursting with blooms and the many quirky corners and beautiful spaces for pictures. This is defnitley a veue to consider if you’re after a chic and arty wedding.


The Wellbieng Farm is ‘just’ outside of Manchester but a really fun and quirky wedding venue. If you’re looking for something that little bit extra fun, this quirky wedding venue is surrounded by beautiful coutryside and they also have Llamas, Alpacas and Donkeys to be your friends on your wedding day! How ace is that?!


I know a social club doesn’t strike the best imae in your head and doesn’t normally go with the wedding vibe BUT this converted railway arches has been given a new life and looks stunning as a wedding venue! Fairfield Social Club has got all of those great industrial vibes and let’s you completly style your wedding your way with DIY styling. It’s a great space to throw a fun, relaxed wedding with street food and live music.

If you’re planning to get marrid at any of these quirky, unusual and fun Manchester wedding venues, I’d love to chat about your awesome wedding plans! Have a gander at my investment page, my gallery or pop me a message to get the ball rolling! Whoop whoop!

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