My Wedding Photography Style

Intimate, Real, Romantic, Timeless

Authentic Wedding Photography

My wedding photography style is raw, honest and romantic, I photograph real emotions. I don’t label myself as a documentary wedding photographer, because I’m not; I like to immerse myself fully into your wedding day so I can capture those raw emotions; the laughter and tears, the drama, the nerves: everything. I want to get to know you, talk to your guests, make you laugh at my bad jokes and silly stories, dance with you in the evening. I’ll be tearing up during your vows, laughing during the speeches: just like I’ve known you forever. The thing is, I don’t just take pictures, I photograph stories, your story.

I like to think differently and shoot creatively. Sometimes I like to get really close to you while you’re getting ready or during your couples portraits to get those beautiful details, and other times I’ll be crouched in a corner setting the scene or catching those fleeting glances between you both. I photograph a combination of real, natural, romantic and fine art, with a deeply intimate feel to capture the true essence of your day. I want to give you photographs that take you right back to your wedding day in years to come, and bring back the feelings you experienced.

For a chunk of your wedding day, I’ll be taking some fun and relaxed candid images of your guests enjoying themselves; those cheeky laughs, the mischievous inside jokes between friends and all of the fun, but should the opportunity of joining in with some games, or eating some canapes present itself, I’ll never say no! If you offer me an ice cold cider, or a glass of wine and a slice of cake, you'll make me super happy! But whatever happens, I’ll never ever give less than 150% at your wedding. I know how important your wedding day is, I love my job and I understand how significant it is, so I’ll work incredibly hard to make sure I give you the best wedding gift I can - memories.

When I photograph a wedding, I’m always going to shoot the things that will give you the most joy. Images that I’d want to receive myself, that have so much emotion and love pouring out of them, you can’t help but tear up or smile.

Romantic Wedding Portraits

With all of this in mind, when it comes down to your couples portraits I like to focus on the connection between you both. I love love, and I’m a sucker for romance, so I let this greatly influence how I photograph the two of you together. I'm inspired by fine art and timeless romances, there is art in everything; especially in love.

Your couples portraits are one of my favourite parts of your wedding day to photograph for many reasons, but one of the biggest is because this is the first time you’re going to spend together ‘alone’ as newlyweds, so naturally, you can spend this time talking, laughing, kissing, hugging, and just being together.

I adore soft, warm, romantic light and love to use it as much as possible. Your couples portraits normally take around an hour, but I like to split this time up through your day so you can maximise the amount of time you get to spend with your guests, drinking champagne and have fun at the best party in the world.

Although timings may change based on your wedding plans and the weather, I’ll normally do a third of your portraits after the group pictures when you’ve not long tied the knot. The second section is during golden hour and the final section is split between sunset and the evening. The timings are worked around you, so if you’re not in the mood for some of the pictures, that’s completely fine - your wedding day is truly about you two and I want to make you happy.

Real Wedding Photography

I think the most important thing I want to say about me and my relationship with the beautiful world of wedding photography is that things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes it’ll rain, sometimes you’ll stutter when you’re saying your vows, things might break or your clothes might get dirty (they will). Whatever the case, your wedding day is uniquely yours, and I’ll photograph it as it happens, with my own unique flair.

Whatever your plans, whether you’re planning on getting married in a barn, in the city, in the mountains, on the beach, or eloping halfway across the world, I’ll be there with you both, every step of the way, to give you the only part of your day that lasts forever; your wedding pictures. You’ll look at them through the years, they’ll be handed down through generations, they make a part of your history. And they will forever be timeless and a part of your love story.