my style:

your day



Naturally beautiful and modern romantic.

I’m a romantic storyteller with a lover of natural light and fine art details. My style is intimate, honest, joyful and fun.Β I like to create images that reflect feeling and that surge emotion.

My style is bright and colourful, soft but dramatic, light but moody, romantic and full of depth. It’s not a straight forward, copy and paste formula that can be applied to anything – it’s something that has to be felt and experienced.

I take pictures of it all; the laughter and tears, the funny bits and emotional bits, your guests having fun and the party in full swing. I love candid moments and honest photographs of emotion.

I’m all about making sure you enjoy your day to the fullest, so your couples portraits are more about the two of you spending time together and less about awkwardness. Your portraits are real moments and as much a part of wedding as any other.

I take pictures of moments and feelings I’d like to receive myself.

My approach is driven by feeling and all about you.



You love to laugh. You want to have fun and you want to celebrate your wedding your way. You love the quirky, the different, the non-traditional. You believe in love and magic. You’re a hopeless romantic.

You’re a traveller, a tryer; a memory collector. You put time and effort into the things you do, and when you do something you put everything you’ve got into it. You care; about the people around you, about things big and small, but you’re laid-back and fun, and you want your wedding to be an awesome party with the people most important to you.

You’re adventerous. You want to be wild and free – you love to be outside. You lust for life and you want to live it.

Rain won’t ruin your day, and you don’t mind if your hair gets a little windswept or if your dress glides through long grass.

You just want to be happy and don’t take yourself too seriosly. You want do things that set your soul on fire and you’re in love with your best friend.Β 

You want beautiful, romantic imagery of your wedding and care about having amazing pictures, taken with love, to relive your day through the years.

You live for the moment and want to create memories that will last forever. I’m the same.