My KGP side-kick, cheerleader and cheif hugger!

Honey is a professional cuddler, award-winning snoozer and all around certified attention hog. She’s cute and she bloody knows it – often found looking at me with her big brown eyes and asking for more snuggles, more treats and even more attention.

She’s the light of my life (not that I’ll ever admit that to my parter, Greg, even though he know’s it’s true) and she as the most gentle, happy and loving little personality ever.

I’m a little obsessed with her and if you were to look through my camera roll, you’d see mostly a gallery shrine of her! (With a few funny and unflattering pictures of myself for the LOL’s)



-More food




-Belly rubs, ear scratches, forehead tickles

-Being picked up and held in my arms like a baby

-Long and short walks, depending on her mood

-Standing, sitting or generally just getting in the way at the exact wrong time

-Stealing pillows and blankets

-Sitting outside when it’s windy so the breeze runs through her long ears and fur

-Pretending she doesn’t hear me when she clearly does

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