How to rock your wedding confetti pictures

Beautiful and Fun Wedding Confetti Photographs

If you’re anything like me, which if you’re still here you probably are (hey!), then you’re a huge lover of beautiful wedding confetti and want to get the most out of it on your wedding day. You’re probably wondering ‘how do I get amazing wedding confetti pictures’?, Well, here I am to give you all of my best tips, tricks and all the best info on how to rock your confetti moment – the time in your life when it’s acceptable for your nearest and dearest to throw things (hopefully flowers!) at you!

Good Quality Confetti

You need to invest in some good quality confetti, whatever your tastes, whether it’s freshly dried flowers (my fave), or some colourful biodegradable paper cutouts, you have to make sure it’s from a company who are good at what they do and make it with love to get the best quality. Also good to note is choosing colours and styles that match your bouquets and wedding theme.

These guys are pretty cool: Dollz Confetti & AdamApple.

The More the Merrier

Get more confetti than you need because you always need more than you think! Trust me. And honestly, you can never have too much confetti – the more you have, the more fun it’ll be for you to walk through and it’ll make the pictures look all the more amazing!

Where & When

Choose where to throw your confetti. Not all venues allow you to use it, so make sure you check with them first. If you’re getting married somewhere different to where you’re partying, think which venue you’d prefer to use your confetti, but If you’re having everything at the same venue, there will definitely be a beautiful spot somewhere to get sprinkled with flowers.

Throw it in the Air!

So, you have your confetti, and you have A LOT of it. Now what? Get your friends and family to throw it in the air, like they just don’t care… but over you two so you can soak up that confetti goodness. Encourage all of your guests give big ol’ goofy smiles, join in on this moment and to grab generous handfuls.

Embrace the Moment

Either walk through your confetti tunnel, or hold on tight inside your horseshoe while your confetti gets thrown over your heads! Don’t be afraid to walk slowly, holding your partners hand – it can also be super cute if you give each other sneaky little smiley looks too!

There’s always one…

Don’t be startled if one (or two) of your guests goes rogue and throws the confetti right into your face, or down your dress, or in your suit, down your trousers… I’ve seen it all!

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