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You’re newly engaged and surrounded by the world of weddings and all of the options, but you want a fun wedding and fun wedding photography and you want to know where to start – don’t worry, I’m here to help! It can be incredibly overwhelming when trying to plan your wedding when you’re surrounded by so many options and decisions and you have no idea where to start. I offer help to all of my couples when they’re looking for help with their fun wedding plans, whether it’s with supplier recommendations, help with the timeline or fun wedding ideas. So, you’re asking how to plan a fun wedding and I’m here to help you get started with all the tips, tricks and ideas I’ve picked up along the way.

Talk about priorities

When planning a fun wedding, it’s important to discuss your priorities from the beginning. Fun weddings equal fun wedding photography and having a good time is the goal. So, you’re planning a fun wedding and your main priority is having fun, the first step is to think about what you both find fun. If you’re big into music, include lots of music – live, playlists, and different styles. If you’re foodies, make food a big aspect of your day in a fun way. You can do this with food trucks, ice cream vans or food themes. Similarily, if you love your pets; include them in some way. Learn how to include your dog in your wedding here or how to include your cats into your wedding here! Find your hobbies and make them a part of your day to make your wedding unique to you and it’ll be fun because it’ll be full of all your favourite things.

Budget for what matters

What matters most when you’re planning a fun wedding is, obviously getting married to your bestie, but in general, different for everyone. On the whole though, the most important things to spend your wedding budget on are a fun wedding venue (check out my list here) that will allow you to have a relaxed party, fun wedding photography, and goodies to entertain yourselves. Here’s some of my favourite fun wedding entertainment ideas! Aside from the main things though, don’t pay for things because you feel you need to. If you want a fun wedding meal and not a sit-down three-course meal – don’t have one. If you don’t want traditional wedding outfits, don’t have them. Don’t be scared to add personality, colour or fun into your plans because you think you can’t. Budget for the non-negotiators and add in whatever else you can after you’ve secured those. After all, you’ll regret not getting the fun must-haves in favour of something you don’t really want.

Your opinion only

Say it with me: my opinion is the only one that matters when planning my wedding. It’s your day and it should be full of things that make you happy. Don’t feel like you have to bow to the pressures or expectations of friends or family to have the wedding they expect. If you want to wear a fun colour or do something non-traditional you want to know you have the full support of everyone there.

Important people only

The biggest guestlist advice I can give is: if it wasn’t your wedding, would you be willing to buy them an expensive meal and drinks? If the answer is no, don’t invite them! You don’t have to feel pressured into inviting someone just because they’re a relative or an old friend. Think, have you spent time with them in the past six months and will this person fully support you and your day. If the answers are yes, invite them and have fun. If the answers are no, let them stay at home.

The venue

When thinking about how to plan a fun wedding, you have to prioritise a good space to host your wedding. A good space with the option to make it your own is so important. Not only is your venue the backdrop for your fun wedding photography, but it’s where you’ll spend your whole day and sets up the vibe and creates the atmosphere for your day and your guests. If you’re planning a fun wedding you want to look for the right things when choosing your venue – have a look at my guide on how to choose a fun wedding venue here. There’s no point aiming for a fun relaxed wedding and choosing a venue that doesn’t embody it.

The timeline

A fun wedding still has a timeline to keep everything happening on track. Fun weddings normally have a more relaxed schedule with an easygoing approach. You want to plan in enough to keep the party going but not overfill your day so you cant enjoy everything. Focus on having enough entertainment, music and food to keep the atmosphere fun and light and don’t sweat the small stuff. I have some top tips on how to nail the perfect fun wedding timeline here. 

The entertainment

As I mentioned earlier, make your wedding entertainment very ‘you’. Your whole day should be very ‘you’ but with your entertainment, you can have fun with it and choose things you really love. To make your wedding fun, it’s a good idea to use a nice chunk of your budget on entertainment, whatever that looks like to you. Whether it’s music, games, glitter stations, food or something else that you love. Fun weddings are memorable because of how they make people feel. If you want to plan a fun wedding, create the feeling of having a house party with your favourite people and you can’t go wrong. 

The photographer

Finally, you need to choose a fun wedding photographer for your fun wedding. I’m a fun wedding photographer who’ll blend in seamlessly with your friends and feel like a bestie who’s there with you. I make you feel relaxed and happy and try to bring out your authentic selves in your photos. I chat with your guests and dance in the evening. Choose a photographer who you’ll like spending time with and who will photograph your wedding the way you want.

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