How to plan a colourful wedding!

If you’re wondering how to have a colourful wedding and add some fun pizazz to your relaxed, non-traditional wedding, keep reading!

 I’ve compiled a list of my favourite colourful things couples have added to their wedding that I really loved, and I think you will too. This mega-list has all of the elements you’ll need, and a handy checklist at the end, to create the most colourful wedding you’ll never regret going for.

Colourful Florals


Colourful wedding flowers are a staple in creating a colourful wedding. Even if other elements of your wedding are on the simpler or less colourful side, bright and bold colourful flowers add so much of a statement moment to really wow your guests. You could go for a rainbow floral bouquet or a subtle pop of a select few colours which tie in with the rest of your wedding scheme.

Colourful Wedding Outfits


Go all in for your colourful wedding with kickass colourful wedding outfits. You don’t need to wear white if you don’t want to. Wear your favourite colour or add colour to your wedding outfit with your accessories. Add colour with either subtle hints and undertones or wear a colourful dress, jumpsuit, suit or anything you’d like to wear!

Wedding Crew Outfits

Have your wedding crew wear colour. You can match the colour to the season you’re getting married in, your wedding colours, theme or your flowers! Your bridesmaids don’t need to all wear one colour either, spice things up and have each person wear something different.

Colourful Wedding Decor

Nothing says ‘colourful wedding’ like colourful wedding decorations. You can make your tables colourful with candles, flowers, napkins and balloons if you like. Floral arches and colourful backgrounds are always a good option to add a nice focal point and they look great in the pictures.

Colourful Confetti

One of my favourite tips – get yourself some colourful rainbow confetti if you’re wondering how to have a colourful wedding. What else has the wow factor of a colourful wedding like being sprinkled with colourful confetti for the pics. Choose the big biodegradable paper confetti circles to add this wow factor and make sure to read this blog to know how to get the best confetti pictures.

Colourful Backdrops

Get creative with colourful backdrops to add a pop of colour and a bit of wow. You can use backdrops anywhere and they add such a colourful impact which you and your guests will love. You can use the backdrops for your ceremony, behind the tables during the food and the frame dessert stations! Make them extra you by adding personal words and phrases that make you happy.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are such a fun way to create a colourful wedding. You can use them for your group pictures and your portraits to level up and have a really fun time with your guests too. They bring the wow factor and your guests will either love being a part of the experience or watching you have fun with them.

Colourful Wedding Venue

I don’t mean that you need to choose a venue with bright pink walls, but there are so many venues that have colourful energy and colourful aspects. You don’t need a venue with four blank white walls, look for unique elements like fairy lights, art and decor that’s permanent. Venues can be colourful with flowers, history, books, and greenery as well as the decorations and personality you add to it.

Colourful Wedding Cake

Say goodbye to the traditional white iced cakes with no personality. Say hello to cakes and desserts that spark fun and bring all the colourful vibes. You can opt for dessert tables with multiple smaller cakes, bakes and desserts, a single wow factor cake, or ditch the cake completely and opt for personalised doughnuts!

Colourful Wedding Photography

If you want a fun and colourful wedding, you’re going to want a colourful wedding photographer! Wedding photos that are full of colour and personality and feel vibrant. It’s important to choose a photographer that matches the style of your wedding so if it’s a colourful wedding you’re after, choose a photographer that will match that vibe. If you care about colour, you won’t want desaturated or dull photos and I love to create warm and colourful images that feel full of life.

Awesome wedding suppliers…

Photography: Kirstie Garlick Photography

Colourful venues I love: Sefton Park Palm House, The Giraffe Shed, –

Colourful dress shops: Rock the Frock, White Lace and Butterflies, –

Colourful florists: Olive Owl, Happy Blossoms, –



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