How To Decorate Your Tipi Wedding & Create an Awesome, Magical & DIY Space

I absolutely LOVE tipi weddings – they’re always so much fun and both you and your guests can enjoy both an outdoorsy and intimate atmosphere. You’re probably wondering how to decorate a tipi wedding, well I’ve been to a few and I’ve got a few tips for you!

Tipi weddings normally have a chic boho style to them, but tipis can definitely be decorated however you want to match your theme. I love outdoorsy weddings with fun, non-traditional elements to them which make your wedding uniquely yours. Here are some of my top tips on how to get the most out of your tipi wedding and create, or style, the wedding of your dreams!

Lighting Galore!

Okay, so; the very first thing I’d suggest for decorating for your tipi wedding is to hang fairy lights! Honestly, the more, the merrier. They look lush during the day and as soon as the sun starts setting and it gets a little darker outside, they POP and bring your tipi back to life! They really bring so much to the overall decor of your tipi and look amazing when everyone hits the dance-floor.

Layouts & Maximising Your Space

Maximise your space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to plan the layout. Making use of longer tables are a great way to do this and are a fab way of getting your guests mingling and having fun together. You can also have designated areas for the bar, the dance floor and the food so that you have plenty of space to walk around and enjoy being with your friends and family.

Florals, Flowers, Succulents, Plants – Add Them All!

Add florals! You can really go crazy with this part – the flowers, succulents, plants (whatever takes your fancy, really), from your bouquets and colour theme will really brighten up your tipi space. You can hang them from the supporting poles and line them across your tables, and you can even have them add an extra pop of colour to your signs and decorations.

Milly Davey Flowers made an awesome hanging piece for Aisling & Jacks wedding and the guests loved it!

Colour & Texture; Go Big or Go Home!

Use colour and texture. Whether it’s in your flowers, your signs or all over your tipi, it’ll really help add some dimension and depth, it’ll help tie everything in together and make one cohesive look. Texture can come into play in many ways – use it to decorate your tables, or hang bunting from the sides and the colour element will come naturally!

Make it Personal

Don’t be afraid to let your personality really take over. Go wild, dial it back, make it fun or relaxed – whatever you want to make your tipi wedding everything you want it to be.

Planning a tipi or marquee wedding, or something else super fun? Get in touch and let’s chat about your plans, or have a gander at my Bucket List to see if you have help me tick something off!