Fun Wedding Ideas for Couples Planning a Fun, Chilled Wedding

Fun weddings are my thing and I’m nearly always photographing fun weddings for my chilled couples, and when I say that they’ve given me so many fun wedding ideas to share, I mean it. So, get your planning notebook out and feast your eyes on these quirky wedding ideas.

Quirky Wedding Entertainment Ideas

It’s important to remember that if you’re planning a fun wedding you need to make sure you choose a wedding venue that can host your ideas and work for you. You’ll also need to make sure to maximise your wedding budget to make the fun wedding entertainment work for you. Choose things that make you happy and that you can actually see yourself doing too, not just your guests, it is your wedding after all! Now, onto the fun wedding ideas.

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

1. Wedding Pinata

Instead of cutting the cake, you can do something really fun and quirky and smash the wedding pinata cake! This was such a fun idea and the pinata was filled with personalised sweets that everyone enjoyed! Look at this wedding here.

2. Glitter Station

When planning a fun wedding, glitter is always a good idea. Get your guests involved in the evening and don’t forget to get yourself and your partner full of sparkles too! Check out Mollie & Harveys wedding here for a look at their glitter station.

3. Face Painting

Face paint at your wedding is such a fun idea, especially if you’re having an adult-only wedding and everyone’s had a good few drinks! Pair this with a glitter station and you’re in for a winning combo. You don’t need to take yourself too seriously on your wedding day, your guests seriously won’t mind.

4. Temporary Tattoos

Your face on your guests’ bodies – name a more fun and unique fun wedding idea. Have yourselves turned into mini doodles and add some text, send it off to be turned into a temporary tattoo and BAM; a fun wedding idea all your guests will actually use and love. Trust me! Check out Beth & Sam’s wedding here to see how their temporary tattoos went down! 

5. Silent Disco

Imagine a choice of two of your favourite playlists with all your favourite songs, only they’re played via headphones and all your guests are scream singing at the top of their lungs and having the best time ever. Yeah, that could be you. Honestly, such a fab fun wedding idea that is fun to both do and watch. Look at Emily & Daniel’s wedding to see how much their guests loved it! 

6. Pouring the First Pint

Think of it as cutting the cake but with beer instead! A non-traditional alternative that is such a fun wedding idea that your guests can really get behind as they cheer you on and drink with you. Both Jess & Jack and Kerry & Chris had a pouring the first pint celebration.

7. Cardboard Cutouts

Why not include some fun cardboard cutouts of people who couldn’t attend your wedding. You could do the same as Pip & James and include your cats on your wedding or go down a different route and include some favourite celebs who you’d love to be there. Either way, it’s such a fun and quirky way to add some laughter and fun into your wedding. 

8. Crisp Station

Everyone loves a bag of crisps, so imagine a DIY crisp station with your fave crisp selections for everyone to help themselves to. You can go vintage and include some fun crisp selections like Space Raiders and Monster Munch or go classic with Walkers and McCoys. Check out Mollie & Harvey’s wedding for inspo.

9. Donut Station

You don’t have to have cake at your wedding! I’ll say it again for the folks in the back – you don’t need to have cake at your wedding. You can have anything from a brownie bar to a doughnut station and they’ll go down an absolute treat for you and your guests!

10. Bouncy Castle

Having a bouncy castle is a top-tier fun wedding idea. Your guests can use it for fun, you can have your group photos on it and you can even have photos on it as just the two of you. Wedding bouncy castles are becoming so popular and I can definitely see why, I’m excited for even more bouncy castles at weddings. Check out Steph & James’ wedding bouncy castle here.

11. Confetti Canons

There is no such thing as too much confetti on your wedding and I honestly mean it. Have confetti for everything – your guests love it and it’s such a fun wedding idea and adds an extra bit of spice to your wedding. Confetti after the ceremony, as you’re announced, during the first dance, just keep it coming. Becca & Christian had 5 lots of confetti on their day and it went down a treat. 

12. Rodeo Bull

Although you could just have a chill and simple break between food and evening dancing, you could also get a rodeo bull for your wedding entertainment because it’s one of my favourite fun wedding ideas. Everyone can have a go from children to grandparents, and of course, you as the couple need to get on and have a go too, just like Jodie & Adrian did!

13. Lawn Games

The options for lawn games is limitless. Giant Jenga ia always a hit, but there’s so many more options your can include. If you have a good outdoor space and have everything placed out, your guests will have such a good time playing the lawn games and you’ll get lots of great candid images too. Leanne & Chris, Alice & Caroline and Pip & James had lots of lawn games, have a look!

14. Ice Cream Cart

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a warm summer’s day? Have it as your dessert or as a little extra for your guests during the drinks reception and I can guarantee you and your guests will love this fun wedding idea. If you ask your supplier, sometimes they can put a tub of ice cream to one side for you after your wedding for you to enjoy the days after! Check out Emma & Jamie’s wedding for ice cream inspo.

15. Caricature Artist

Hands down one of the best wedding favours I’ve seen yet; a caricature artist coming to illustrate your guests and print it for them to take home. Such a cute and unique idea that David & Gabriel had for their guests.

16. Smoke Bombs

If you’re looking for fun wedding ideas to get your guests involved, consider smoke bombs. They create such fun and colourful images and your wedding crew can get involved too. Bethany & Sam and Amy & Adam had so much fun with their smoke bomb photos.

17. Marching Brass Band

Imagine a brass band playing as you walk between venues on your wedding day or just having them do their thing and playing for your guests on the lawn during the drinks reception. Mega, right? Such a fun wedding idea for couples who want something a little different and love the concept of a more relaxed wedding entertainment idea. Christine and Rachel had a band follow them through a confetti tunnel and walk through the city with them on their wedding day and it was such a fun success. 

18. Tapping the Keg

Similar to pouring the first pint, you can actually tap the keg in front of your guests. I love this one because your guests can all drink from the same keg and watch as the foam goes everywhere! Such a fun idea from Becca & Christians wedding.

19. Saxaphonist Player

A saxophonist knows how to get everyone dancing in the evening and if you’re wanting all your guests to be dancing into the night, it’s a surefire way of accomplishing that goal. Check out Aisling & Jack’s wedding for inspo.

20. Smores Station

Nothing says summer wedding like smores. Imagine cuddling around a fire with your guests while toasting smores. This is a great idea if you’re planning a smaller wedding or if your wedding is more on the chill side. Jess & Jack’s smores station went down a treat with their guests!

21. Ice Lolly Station

Imagine dancing in the heat and being given an ice lolly to cool you down… heaven, right? Well, that’s what Mollie & Harvey did for their wedding in the heat. It’s a really affordable fun wedding idea but will be really appreciated on a hot summers day.

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