Colourful Didsbury Parsonage Wedding Photography

What a magical day it was celebrating the wedding of Johanna and Alexa as their LGBTQ colourful Didsbury Parsonage wedding photographer. It was such a happy day celebrating love and it was such a joy to be a part of.

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This Didsbury Parsonage wedding photography for Johanna and Lexi is so colourful and happy, I can’t wait for you to see it. Lexi and Johanna had a genuinely intimate and personal ceremony held within the historic walls of the Didsbury Parsonage. Surrounded by their closest family members and their rescue dog, Bugsy, the atmosphere was filled with pure joy and love. Smiles radiated throughout the room, infecting everyone present, including myself, with an overwhelming sense of happiness. There was such a sense of togetherness and celebration that was impossible to ignore. Afterwards, we headed outside and they were showered in so much rainbow confetti, it was amazing! I always suggest to get more confetti than you need and when Johanna messaged me a couple of months before their wedding and asked for recommendations, I of course suggested Proper Confetti and said to get the biggest pack possible. Johanna said how much she loved my confetti photos and really wanted to get great confetti pictures too, and she was overjoyed with how fun it was walking through the rainbow tunnel of confetti.

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After all the cuddles and congratulations, we walked around Didsbury Fletcher Moss and Didsbury Parsonage for their couples portraits and the greenery had just started to bloom. They were both so giggly and happy which was great for their photos. After a loop around the gardens, it was time to head off to their evening venue and party. Of course they had a rainbow arch for their entrance which was a fun colorful addition. They had huge sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling to match their colourful starry night theme which looked so magical. They had such heartfelt speeches from both their dads and both Lexi and Johanna said a speach to each other. The party started with full force as everyone flooded the dancefloor and it was amazing how packed it was as everyone was dancing. It’s always so good when everyone dances and theur guests definitley understood the assignment! 

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It was honestly such a pleasure to be a part of their joyous day and their gallery is full of so much laughter and colour. I love Didsbury Parsonage Wedding Photography and if you’re looking for a photographer for your Didsbury wedding, make sure to get in touch! 

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