Best Places To Elope in the UK

if you’re like me, you might be considering an elopement for your wedding, so I’ve compiled a list of the best places to elope in the UK. I love the idea of eloping in the UK and having a really intimate ceremony and so I wanted to share some beautiful and amazing locations and places to elope in the UK.

Back in the day if you said that you were going to elope, the people around you would think something weird was going on or wonder what the hell you were doing. Nowadays, we’re really lucky to live in a society where you’re encouraged to plan a wedding however you want, wherever you want and in a way that makes you happy and plan the non-traditional wedding of your dreams!

To elope and not have a traditional wedding isn’t selfish or silly or invalid, but it is different than having a wedding party. An elopement is more about the two of you having an intimate and private ceremony to say your vows and just experience it. You can have your ceremony surrounded by epic views and run through tall grass, walk up hiking trails in your wedding clothes, feel the fresh air wrap around you and unfurl your hair, be surrounded by nature and feel completely free.

Where to Elope in the UK

If you’re looking for spots to elope and want to be surrounded by epic views, have your perfect wedding elopement and still get those great wedding day pictures, have a look at the best places to elope in the UK.


Omg – if there’s anywhere more romantic than a Scottish highland elopement, then I need to know. If the romantic and magical idea of eloping between the Scottish mountains and surrounded by the beautiful wildflowers and epic backdrops doesn’t get your mind spinning with possibilities, I’m not sure what will! There are so many magical spots in the Scottish highlands you can elope in, mountain and hiking trails, national parks, lodges and lochs– the possibilities are endless. Gretna Green, and Roulotte Retreat are great quirky elopment venue options! 

The little islands surrounding Scotland would also be an amazing place to elope; a Fairy Glen elopement at the Isle of Skye is like a fairytale and Lewis and Harris is an island dream!


An Ireland elopement adventure sounds bloody amazing, doesn’t it? You have the epic coastlines, castles and rolling green hills like something out of this world – saying your vows by a castle or on a cliff and running up some hills for your portraits sounds fantastic… Pack a picnic and toast your marriage right there, or stroll to a cosy Irish pub and dance the night away. Ireland has the Cliffs of Moher, the Giants Causeway, the Mourne Mountains, Murlough Bay, Kinbane Head and so many other lush spots to say your vows. Ireland elopements are most definitely going to take your breath away and steal a little piece of your heart.

The Lake District

A place close to my heart for so many reasons – it’s a beauty and a quick drive ‘up the road’ from me. The Lake District encompasses a few areas including Cumbria which has some awesome landscapes and would create some great backdrops to say your vows in. Also, the Lake District has so many great driving routes, hiking trails and hidden spots waiting for you to find your perfect hillside or location. Blea Tarn is absolutly breathtaking and somewhere you should visit at least once.

The Peak District

Similar to the Lake District, a Peak District elopement also has some breathtaking views of hills, mountains and greenery as far as the eye can see. The Peak District is a mass of rolling hills that stretch across the landscape and hidden caves which make for great hiding places and secret spots. There’s deep wooded forests, limestone gorges and morelands that look like they last forever.

The Southern Coast

The southern coast of England is a lovely area with so many diverse locations. You’ve got the coast, beaches, hilly peaks and breathtaking scenery. There’s so many options to elope; Devon, Dorset and Poole to name a few, and even places like The Jurassic Coast which has some of the best views and surroundings I’ve ever seen. A cliffside Cornwall elopement is a great ‘down south’ idea – you’ve got beaches, beautiful cliffsides, rolling hills and an epic view. There’s hiking trails, cliffs to wander up, castles and you’re surrounded by greenery, the ocean and the beach, and it’s like your own little paradise.

Theres some quirky venues and romantic venues, depending on what vibe you’re going for: Boho Cornwall and The Lost Orangery.


I don’t know about you, but I have so many fond memories of loading myself into the car to spend a few days exploring the Welsh coast whenever I had a spare day or so. You’ve got the northern coast which is home to Anglesey, where you can find beaches, hills and walking trails and you can find your own little spot to say your vows somewhere.

However, you’ve also got some more adventurous elopement ideas in Wales; there are so many epic spots to be found in Wales if you look for them. The Witches Cauldron (honest, it’s a real place with iridescent emerald green water and waterfalls), Worms HeadThe Hunstman’s Leap, Green Bridge and St Govan’s Chapel are little hidden spots that you can look for or hike to, and the views that surround are definitely worth the journey. The Welsh countryside is something else, a Snowdonia Elopement would be amazing. The national park is anchored around a clear like with epic views, and after all, Wales is known for its castles, greenery and epic landscapes.  

You don’t need to elope in Iceland or Italy (but if you are then it’s a hell yes from me!) to get great elopement pictures, there are so many great places in the UK where to you can elope. If you’re planning on eloping in the UK, somewhere else, I’d LOVE to hear from you so pop me a message and we can have a good chat!

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